Monday, 26 July 2010

Adam Makowiecki

Adam Makowiecki - Room Design

The time has come for the next room to get its makeover!

Rustic Style Chair

Taking his inspiration from the mythological folklore tale of the lost city of Lyonesse - a city which was built off the coast of Penzance and was consumed by the sea - Adam plans to use selected writing taken from this story and create pieces of text himself that relates to its mystical tale in conjunction with imagery. Using intense hits of colour and pattern with the rustic style of his unpainted wood furniture, this is shore to be a winner of a room!

Painted Furniture

Rustic Style Chair: Detail

"All this furniture starts off life at the end of its life, salvaged from skips, pavements and charity shops, the pieces are fixed up to be brought back to the world of sturdy, functional objects. At this stage each piece becomes a blank canvas for graphic play and experimentation''.

After studying at Falmouth Art College, Adam now spends his time between London and his studio in Falmouth. Adam takes commissions, so get in contact if you see anything you like on his website!


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