Saturday, 24 July 2010

Admiral Benbow Ahoy!

Jo Peel's Rm 4 is coming along and the room is looking AMAZING!! The idea was to paint what you would see through the walls in her distinct linear style. With one of Penzance's most famous pubs facing across from us, this great pub is now painted on the interior of the Georgian House. Definitely recommend it for some great fish and chips and a Doombar - one of Cornwall's finest ales.
+44 (0)78 7262 1127

The telegraph pole from base coat (top) to Linear detail (below)...

The Admiral gets a linear face lift...

Flight of the seagulls: Jo got 4 different seagull stencils pre-made so that out of the hood of the blue, a flock of seagulls take flight over the room. 

Tricky business putting those stencils up,

So we decided that it was much easier with 2 of us!!

Found some old photos of what the room used to look like (we were not joking when we said it needed a revamp!

... frilly curtains, broken furniture, wood-chip green wallpaper, random sinks,
flowery tiles of daffodils - definitely all had to go!!

And tributes go to Rudy the dog as Jo's Helper :)

Admiral Benbow, 46 Chapel Street, Penzance, TR18 4AF
01736 363 448
(definitely worth a visit - we recommend for its unique and memorable maritime interior).

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