Friday, 23 July 2010

Unmasking Original Features

Working from top down the renovation of The Georgian House is coming along - yet still with many hurdles to overcome.

Old original doors that had been boarded up, crazy! So we stripped them and look what we found. It will take quite a bit of work but this is what this project is about, restoring the building back to its former beauty. Luckily we have Dave the Carpenter and Simon the Decorator on hand.

Masked: The door that had been boarded up

Unmasked: Underneath the board, original features to be restored.

So we chiseled away the cement filler and voila...

We uncover the old original door!

Rm 1 Bathroom - Our new Travertine Flooring

To go with the old floorboards that were carefully replaced, filled and sanded.

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