Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Cornishman 12/08/10

Our local newspaper, The Cornishman, wrote a page 2 article about our new art hotel on Chapel Street, Penzance. Featured are Pinky, Jo Peel and Muju - the artist rooms that have been decorated so far. Following on from the Artist Residence Brighton programme on Channel 5's Hotel Inspector, we have come a long way and are excited to soon be opening our 2nd art and design hotel in Penzance. Artist Residence Penzance is going to be the most unusual accommodation to hit Penzance!

As mentioned in the article, we are looking to open a cafe, gallery and run art workshops - all with the beautiful surroundings of Sunny Cornwall -  a haven for artists and their subject matter.

If anyone is looking for work at our art hotel please contact Charlie on 07872634682. 

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