Sunday, 19 September 2010

Stage 2! Penzance Art Hotel Takes Shape

Our Penzance boutique hotel is coming along and you can now really tell that is going to be AMAZING when it is finished! Take a look at the pics of Room 1 below - I cant wait to try these unique art rooms out!!

        Room 1 - Penzance Art Hotel - Belinda Moore 

Inspired by her travels to India, Belinda has given the room a decorative tent like feel. The room is given a stark contrast with the dark wooden floor and furniture against the white of the walls, enhancing the decorative burst of Indian inspired colours. A touch of India has definitely been brought to our Penzance hotel in this beautiful and exotic Indian inspired art rooms. 


Room 2 - Art Hotel Penzance - Sinead Geary

Sinead Geary's (the founder of Dolly Divine Interiors and Fashion) Room is taking shape below - just look at that huge Queen Size Antique Cherrywood Sleigh Bed!! The old fashioned antique furniture suits the old timeless glamour of Sinead's design perfectly. 

Beutiful antique furniture sets off the old timeless glamour of Sinead's design.
Preserving the beautiful butterflies that entangle themselves between the historical framed images.
The day bed that can add as both a extra single bed or a luxurious sofa. Sinead Geary decoartive cushions coming soon!!
And of course, that beautiful re-upholstered chair.


Room 3 - Artist Residence Penzance - Rachel Ella Taylor

Rachel decorated her Penzance art hotel room with a magical touch. Look how the light catches the aluminium and makes it sparkle! A big thank you to Rachel's dad who helped with all the handywork (such as that fantastic headboard)!


Room 4 - Art Hotel Penzance - Jo Peel

Jo Peel brought a touch of nautical Street Art to her Artist Room - take a look at the stencils and extraordinary detail of the illustrated Admiral Benbow pub across the road.


Pinky Vision - Boutique Hotel Penzance - Room 5

Just take a look at the Pinky mural painting below - its awesome!


Adam Makowiecki - Artist Residence Penzance - Room 6

Adam, the founder of See Through Blue Plastic, used old imagery to create mixed media in the rooms. Combining this with poems and lyrics, this room speaks of a tale untold.


Muju - Design Hotel Penzance - Room 7

From sunrise to sunset, this is definitely a boutique artist room that I would like to wake up in and go to sleep in!


Ben Gray - Art Hotel Penzance - Room 8

The final room to be decorated by Ben Gray is Room 8. Ben came and visited us at Artist Residence Penzance about 2 months ago. We found him some old furniture which he took away with him and has been busy re-cycling. Cant wait to see what it looks like in the room!!

Ben takes commissions. Please contact him at

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