Saturday, 16 October 2010

Sinead Geary Goes Butterfly in Rm 2 

Handmade cushions designed by Sinead Geary adorn the Queen Size antique luxury sleigh bed

This once shabby looking chair now takes pride of place in the Georgian Bay Window overlooking historic Chapel Street. Fabric Design by Sinead Geary.

The French antique bedside tables 

The Comfortable Day Bed makes Rm 2 a functional Family Room or Luxury Romantic Room
 Sinead Geary's Wit and Whimsey

Just one of the pictures that confounds your expectations: First thoughts = good old fashioned family seaside holiday

"Dad remembered the flask of hot whiskey which was nice"

"A sweet nature that was frowned upon back then. He just wanted to be free. He went on to rob a bank"

But he looked like a seemingly nice chap!?

"Moments at the beach were the only times she felt normal"

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