Thursday, 14 October 2010

Work Ahoy at Artist Residence Penzance!

Cant believe how long ago the last blog post was! Everyone at Team AR Penzance has been so busy working hard on this unique Art Hotel Project. Take a look at what we have been up to:

In Room 8, by Fine Art Masters Student Ben Gray, we decided to incorporate the attic shape of the room into the design of the bed. In slots a standard size of a bed into the eves and out grows the sides of the bed - like a MUSHROOM! Dave, our amazing carpenter, cut the hardboard to shape and sent Ben Gray packing with the side panels which he will decorate. Cant wait to see them :)

The custom made 'MUSHROOM BED'

Waiting for:
 1. custom made mattress
2. custom made headboard
3. Ben Gray's decorated side panels. 
Probably one of the most CUSTOM MADE BEDS you can get!

The Gallery/Cafe/Shop is taking shape. Below is Dave the Carpenter, sanding the floors with what looks like a lawn mower. The electric sander (a.k.a. lawn mower) sands down the old floorboards by approximately 1/2 inch to uncover the beauty beneath.

Simon, the painter and decorator, removing the beautiful Georgian windows so that they can be scrubbed up and painted to look brand new again.

The carpet layers from Millhouse Carpets in Penzance fitting the underlay for the stairs so that noise can be kept to a hush hush.

Underlay... Carpet... Stairs...

And we have LOCKS AND HANDLES on the doors. Hurrah!! Look how sleek they are...

Belinda Moore's Beautiful Painted door for her Indian styled room. WOW!!

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