Sunday, 16 January 2011

Room 8 // Up-Cycled Eccentricity // Ben Gray

‘Fun Loving Up-Cycled Eccentricity’
By Ben Gray

New Room - New Photos! Take a look...

About the Room

This fun loving sea-view room is like being in a cosy ‘nook’, away from the rest of the world so that you can take pleasure in its sprawling, glistening sea-view. The crisp white walls contrast against the old black beams, with splashes of vibrant bright colours popping out from Ben Gray’s up-cycled furniture. Inspired by Ben’s happy memories of his youth spent surfing, exploring and camping along the Cornish Coastline, Ben has filled the up-cycled vibrant painted furniture with happy sea creatures, trendy surfer boys and Lego style fisherman boats. Tucked away is the bespoke ‘Mushroom’ Bed, which is sure to bring a sparkle to your eye!

About the Artist

The youngest of the Artist Residence British Designers, Ben is now studying a Fine Arts Masters at De Montfort University Leicester and will graduate in 2011 at the age of 24. Even though Ben is predominately a painter, some of his work crosses the boundaries between drawing, sculpture and installation, questioning as to where the boundaries of these disciplines lie. Ben spends his spare time decorating furniture as part of the Yogart Bandits – a group of young artists who decorate furniture in their own exciting and unique styles – as well as designing skateboard decks for the up and coming skateboard brand, Edition Skateboards. His fresh and energetic style incorporates bright colours and playful drawings – every time you look you will notice something different!

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