Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Book of the Night - Collaboration in Penzance!

On Saturday night, 14th May - I (Lisa) took part in a project at The Exchange Gallery in Penzance (2 minutes walk from the Penzance Art Hotel and Gallery) in which they held a collaborative project amongst printmakers, artists and writers - to make a BOOK OF THE NIGHT, from 8pm until 8am! The theme was the night and there was experimental printmaking of all sorts being developed, in the 'pop up' print making area in the gallery, as part of the PRINT exhibition show at present. It was an interesting night - I did not hold out until 8am, sadly only 2am!!!! I wonder what works of art would have been created at the early hours of the morn?!Check out this link to read more about it:

Some photos from during the event:


Collograph plate - waiting for the varnish to dry!

The end result - inspired by the Nebula

The gallery is a FANTASTIC contemporary space and is a well worth a visit - so if you are thinking of heading to Cornwall for your holidays, take a look at what is on show in the future at The Exchange:

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