Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sourced in Penzance!

If your into supporting the local community - like we are, there is a perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on some locally produced goodies! Experience the farmers market at St Johns hall on Alverton Street here in Penzance every Friday, starting at 9am - 2pm - but make sure you get there early or all the TASTY GOODS are all gone!!

Bantam Chicken

Look at this lovely little Bantum Chicken - have you ever tried their eggs, they are delicious. These can be picked up at the market, along with homemade bread, cakes, Cornish Pasties, local salads (and everything is very reasonably priced) along with lots of other quirkey bits and pieces.


Historic picture of St. Johns Hall in Penzance
...And its hardly changed!
The Penzance Farmers market is just a 5 minute walk from our quirky Penzance Art Hotel and Gallery in Chapel Street... perfect for us to snap up some locally sourced goodies!

The 'favoured by many' traditional Cornish Pasty... mmmm

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