Tuesday, 31 May 2011

World Record - Dress up as a Pirate!

PENZANCE on Sunday 26 June

The WORLD RECORD bid is happening as a part of this year’s pirate themed GOLOWAN FESTIVAL (click here to read more!) here in Penzance, and will add to the fun and entertainment of this FANTASTIC ANUAL EVENT!!

Oh yes... Captain Jack Sparrow - we all know where to get our costume ideas from, and all you need to do is Stay in position on the Prom for just 10 MINUTES!!

Tall Ships are often seen sailing around the Penzance Shores, and are always an AMAZING SIGHT!!

Hastings managed to rustle up 6,166 pirates, but Penzance can do better...

Visit Penzance for a day of dressing up mayhem...... here on the Promenade in Penzance!

With stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area and St Michaels Mount!

A bit of history about Penzance Pirates...

Drawing of Act 1 - The Pirates of Penzance
The Pirates of Penzance is a well known comic opera, with music by Gilbert and Sullivan. The opera's official premiere was at the Fifth Avenue Theatre in New York City The 1800's. Its London debut was at the Opera Comique, where it ran for a very successful 363 performances, and is still being showed today!

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