Saturday, 16 July 2011


The PZ Gallery is holding a private view this evening from 6pm of work by eight recent graduates of Fine Art from University College Falmouth, connected by a use of photography in their practice.

Artists include Ben Delap, Richard Fussey, Charlotte Hill, Will Jenkinson, James Kelly, Melanie Moss, Emily Platzer and Matthew Whitwell

Will Jenkinson

Mell Moss

The exhibition UNDEREXPOSED will continue until the 26th July and is open from 10.30am - 5pm 


  1. I loved seeing Will's work, it reminded me a lot of Canadian Abstraction, like you can find on Wikipedia.

  2. I hate Canadian Abstraction and I am not so keen on this.

  3. I think you are both being rather unfair. As far as I am concerned Will's work seems to investigate the uncertainties and discrepancies that are associated with memory. I believe Will is attempting to depict the shifting process of recall as well as using this subject as a vessel to consider the relationship between representation and abstraction. His practise has the unparalleled ability to fragment and distort an image as well as clarifying it. Simply superb.

  4. I have recently come across this artist myself, having recently taught Fine Art at Chichester University. The name Jenkinson is causing quite a stir around the town, students talk of meeting him in the local night-spots, I think that might be wishful-thinking. What I am sure of, is his absolute determination to rewrite the critical history of abstraction. His paintings are a master-class of conceptual construction. Watch this space, as the South Coastal area buzzes with excitement (many student unions have started to sell the "willy-J' a cocktail made up of 7 earthy spirits and a dash of pineapple juice) Jenkinson tickles the underbelly of the establishment.

    Have you stopped Jenkinson? I would love to hear from you.

    An avid fan. MS.