Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Fancy coming lounging in our Gallery space???

...you may be lucky enough to be greeted by our BUTLER JAMES....

We have our NEW arrival as of yesterday the BOUJI CHAIR from......

Click the link to check out the bespoke designer furniture!

We now have a range of quirky items for sale in as well as Artists work in the Gallery...


Fun little milk jugs - with cow udders.... our guests are pleased  when their breakfasts are accompanied by these jugs in the morning! 


You will never guess what this is!!

...take something from Cornwall away with you...

YUMMY local jams from the local PENZANCE FARMERS MARKET and more spreads to go on your toast in the morning! 

There is loads of work in the Gallery by the Artists who designed the rooms... check out some of the funky skateboard decks designed by BEN GRAY who designed the UP CYCLED ROOM!

Cushions and paintings by MR MUJU & MISS MUJU from St Ives who designed the MUJU WORLD ROOM... and beautiful glass and acrylic panels by RACHEL ELLA TAYLOR who designed the EPHEMERAL OPULENCE ROOM!

Something in every corner!!

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