Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mousehole - possibly the prettiest fishing village in Cornwall!

"There are very few places that can be found in the UK that have retained their original character and charm in the way that the tiny fishing village of Mousehole has" write's Cornwall Online - and we most certainly agree with Dylan Thomas who described Mousehole as 
"The loveliest village in England" 
- a title that remains true to the present day!

Mousehole Harbour

A bit of History...
Mousehole, along with Marazion, was until the 16th Century one of the principal ports of Mounts Bay. However, Mousehole - like Penzance, Newlyn and Paul, was destoyed in the 1595 raid on Mounts Bay by Spaniard Carlos de Amesquita - with the only surviving building being the Keigwin Arms Pub.

...What's that? Mousehole was the last part of Cornwall where the Cornish Language was spoken?!
Yes!  Penwith is believed to the  last  place of Cornwall where the Cornish language was spoken as the Community language. Dolly Penreath, the last recorded speaker of the Cornish language is often reported as being from Mousehole and there is a memorial to her in the village. 

Dolly Pentreath - the last native speaker of Cornwall

Dolly Pentreath's Memorial in Mousehole


The Christmas Mousehole Harbour Lights Dazzle!

Mousehole hosts a variety of events but is most famous for the Mousehole Christmas Illuminations, created each year to raise money for charity. Started in 1963 by Mousehole based artist, Joan Gillchrest, a string of coloured bulbs were put along both quays to make the village a bit brighter at Christmas time. From these early days the displays have grown beyond imagination! 

The Mousehole switch on for the Christmas lights will be held on the 17th December at 7.30pm - and this is one event we will not be missing out on!

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