Thursday, 24 May 2012

How to make a Perfect cup of English Tea

As we our soon hosting our very own Tea Party we thought we would share how to make a perfect cup of tea!!
The key to how to make tea properly is to simply use freshly-boiled water. 
Both loose leaves and the bagged variety need this to infuse properly. 
Allow to brew (not stew) for a few minutes to your desired strength. About 3 minutes does it for us.
Always (when you can)use a Teapot to brew your tea.
Pour the tea into your Teacup first.
Depending on how you like your tea, add as little or much Milk as you like.
Use a teaspoon to stir your tea to mix it up to the perfect taste!
Now relax and enjoy the bliss of a perfect cup of tea.

Never put a teabag in water and plonk it in the microwave to heat up, never dip or squeeze the teabag and never ever add cream instead of milk!

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