Friday, 10 August 2012

Al fresco at Arts Kitchen!

The sun is shining on our fantastic new courtyard here at Arts Kitchen!
Tucked behind Artist Residence hotel is the beautiful, sunny secluded courtyard garden, formerly the old orchard. Find a spot on the decking under the shade of a palm or by one of the whispering bamboos and enjoy some al fresco dining Cornish style.
Come and check us out!

We are very excited about preparations for the wedding celebration which will be held here in the courtyard garden tomorrow. Decorating starts first thing in the morning....
Our chefs Nic and Trish have been busy in the kitchen all day preparing a delicious selection of dishes for the big day. Made to make your mouth water:

Sugared vanilla pods to decorate roasted peaches with rose water

Our chefs Trish and Nic hard at work

Mmmmm, chocolate tart

Wild mushrooms

Ready to go!

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