Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fish Friday.... Laksa Loveliness!

It is Fish Friday again this week at the Arts Kitchen and the beautiful and talented Trish will be preparing  an amazing Laksa with monk fish tales (and a tofu option for the veggies out there!) 

Now what is Laksa I here you scream... So lets do some learning together (because I had no idea before I wrote this blog!)

Laksa is a coconut based noodle soup served with fish or chicken (or whatever is lying around in your the fridge!) It originated in Malaysia but is also very popular in Indonesia and Singapore. There are three main types of Laksa: Curry Laksa, Asam Laksa and Sarawak Laksa... they are all slightly different but I wont bore you with that now! 

Well lesson over now... I reckon the best way to find out what Laksa is, is by coming down to the Arts Kitchen on Friday 28th September and trying some! Plus you will get to see our smiling faces! Pretty good Friday evening if you ask me! 

See you Friday! 

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