Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Newlyn School Of Art

Being here in Penzance, Cornwall with the beautiful scenery and amazing landscape it really makes you appreciated true art. 
It's hard to look at a stunning view and not want to pick up a paintbrush or pencil, if like me your pictures are much better in your head than when you get them onto paper there is still hope for us....
 What Lizard Point actually looks like
What happens when I try to draw the View!

Newlyn School Of Art always has Art course's on to suit all needs and desires, this weekend they have Experimental Painting  which lets you try out all sorts of different techniques and materials!
Check out their website to find a course that sorts your needs.

What better place to stay while your studying than Artist Residence, sleep in a Art Designed room to be inspired for your day of Painting.
We have lots of Winter Deals going on and if your doing a course at Newlyn School of Art we have a deal for you!!
Rooms from £60p/night

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