Thursday, 7 March 2013

Amongst Heroes: the artist in working Cornwall

For those of you in London, you must check out the 'Amongst Heroes: the artist in working Cornwall' exhibition, it is currently showing at the Two Temple Place Gallery.
This is def a must see!

The exhibition is a collection of many different Cornish artists representations of the Cornish figure at work during the 1880 and 1920.
The realistic and rural art portrays the working landscapes and the characteristic industrial activity taking place along the cornish coastlines.

      Tucking a school of pilchards - The Tuck Boat painted by Percy Robert Craft in 1897. 

     A Fish Sale by Stanhope Forbes 1884-5

As indicated in the paintings above, each artists captures the buzzing environment of the famous cornish fishing industry. They really plays with your senses, it almost feels as though you can hear the fisherman's shouting at each other, smell the sea, feel the sea breeze and taste the saltiness of the sea.
After going to this exhibition, I bet you would all want to get on the next train down to Cornwall and check out the beautiful coastlines captured by these amazing cornish artists.

Lavender Salisbury.

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