Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Golowan - A festival not to be missed...

Golowan Festival has been up and running for 23 years, delighting locals and tourists with its fun, eventful and utterly magical celebrations.  The festival, held between 22nd - 30th June is essentially a celebration of Mid summer and lets face it, after the weather we've had lately, we deserve to celebrate don't we?!

Golowan died out in the 1890s as with all the bonfires, flaming tar barrels and burning torches, insurance premiums bcame simply too high.  Amazingly, in 1991 the tradition was brought back to life and each year festival go-ers enjoy an election of a mock mayor, mesmerising fireworks and eclectic displays of music and art.

Mazey day, the epicentre of Golowan is launched each year on 29th June by the mayor of Penzance.  The streets are literally packed out with people, performers, food and fun and there is absolutely something for everyone.

Come and join this amazing party, learn about Cornish culture, get involved with history and just generally have a crackin' old time!

If your not already staying with us at The Artist Residence and wish to, book fast as we're filling up already...

Pop in to our gallery for all manner of delights from coffee and cake to a cheeky beer or wine, as we're right in the heart of the action on the beautiful historic Chapel Street.

Hope to see you there!

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