Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How I really like the Artist Residence and why

By Peter Crisp, Ghostwriter In The Sky

My favourite hotel in the West of Cornwall, quite possibly the West of Anywhere, is the Artist Residence on Chapel Street in Penzance. It’s the friendliest, most fun place to stay, the breakfasts are to get up for and here’s another reason I like it so much…

Each room is a work of art, designed by a different artist. My room is the Ben Gray room aka the ‘sky room’. It is quirky, cozy and commands beautiful views over the bay.

Another reason I like to stay in the Artist Residence is because it’s just down the road from the best recording studio in the West: the VIP Lounge. Run by musical wunderkind and artful producer, Dare Mason, it’s a wonderful place to record your songs. On this occasion, I am working as my alter-ego: Mr Bo Jingles. Two hastily written sketches for clients in Australia are slowly but surely transformed into first class productions.

A perfect day indeed. So perfect, I decide to stay for two more. All I can tell you, if you like a town that’s full of character and characters, surrounded by ocean views, brimming with food and drink choices, offering a plethora of funny little shops selling all manner of things, then head for Penzance.

While you’re there, do yourself a favour and check into the Artist Residence. Tell them the Ghostwriter In the Sky sent you.

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