Monday, 17 June 2013

Alfred Munnings

Alfred Munnings Reading Aloud Outside on the Grass by Harold Knight  
Previously we blogged about the new film out in cinema's, Summer in Februry based on the novel about  the love triangle of artist Alfred Munnings.

Sir Alfred James Munnings (8th October 1878 - 17th July 1959) can be described as one of the finest British painters. He went to Cornwall in 1911 as he was attracted by the famous Newlyn Art School, now known as Newlyn School of Arts

A Shoot in a Swede Field
Zenmore hill Cornwall
Munnings travelled around the countryside capturing naturalistic paintings, he captured the charm of the rural life during a time when it was in the process of vanishing. During then life was mainly out doors, which is a healthier lifestyle then it is now. Through his paintings, the viewer almost experiences life as it was during the loneliness of rural Cornwall. 

To check out more of Alfred Munnings paintings click here.

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