Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Murdoch Day

William Murdoch (21 August 1754 - 15 November 1839)
William Murdoch (21 August 1754 - 15 November 1839) is famous for inventing the oscillating cylinder steam engine. Although he was from Scotland, he was sent to Redruth in Cornwall in 1779 to improve the efficiency of steam engines in Cornwall for pumping water out of tin mines. Thanks to him, he also invented the first gas lighting, and building UK's first working model of a steam engine, which he demonstrated in and around Redruth.

As he was such a genius, why not give him a day to appreciate his greatness? This is an event not to be missed!!!

Do you like street markets, entertainment, music, delicious Cornish food and much more fun?

At Artist Residence we always love fun, so do head on down to Redruth on the 15th of June. The event starts at 10am and is completely FREE, gosh this is a little overwhelming now!


For more info on Murdoch Day: Visit Cornwall

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