Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Admiral Benbow Pub

Jo Peel's room at Artist Residence Cornwall is an illustration of Chapel Street, the best part of the room is the world famous Admiral Benbow pub.

Underneath the Admiral Benbow pub is a labyrinth of tunnels that were used 200 years ago to smuggle in illegal goods. When renovating the Abbey Warehouse into offices builders found out that the tunnels lead all the way to the Admiral Benbow pub 300 yards away. 

The Admiral Benbow pub was a popular location with smugglers such as the Benbow Brandy Man in the 19th Century. To read more information click here.

The Admiral Benbow Pub on Chapel Street, is definitely a favourite for us to go as it is across the road! This could be a problem for Artist Residence and our bellies as the portions are gigantic and could be featured in an episode of 'Man v. Food'!!! 
This old Penzance pub serves rustic pub food, It smells absolutely delicious as you walk in.

The staff are fantastic, they will make you feel right at home. The only problem is trying to leave as you will be having too much fun. The whole building feels like you are in a boat. In a way it is an all in one: a museum, great food, great service and cheap drinks! (Especially if you are from London). 

Admiral Benbow
46 Chapel Street
TR18 4AF 
Tel: 01736 363 448

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